How does 2 side open exhibition stall design add value to your business promotion strategy?

The alluring, functional and engaging exhibition stalls add value to the marketing initiatives of all-sized businesses. From the use of rich colours, brand-specific shades merged with the modern elements to showcase the USPs of the company and strategically planning the agenda of exhibition stall designing to personalizing the visitors’ experience, it is important to focus on the fabrication of an exhibition stall. Particularly, in the case of 2 side open exhibition stall design, the access from sides and good exposure makes this variant, the centre of attraction at the trade show. In fact, this type of exhibition stall attracts comparatively higher traffic as the brand value is presented in a brilliant manner.

The two-side open design used for the fabrication of exhibition stall is used for trade shows, exhibitions and conferences. The two openings on the two sides of the exhibition stall are among its USPs and thereby, the accessibility from multiple directions becomes easier. Moreover, the increased visibility of the brand’s products and services being displayed in the 2 side open exhibition stall improves visitor engagement.

Top features of a two-sided open exhibition stall design

#1 Central Display

The products or services to be promoted at the tradeshow/exhibition are positioned centrally as a part of this exhibition stall fabrication strategy. The whole idea of the 2-side exhibition stall design is to attract visitors towards the booth from both sides.

#2 Engagement Zones

Showcasing the interactive element of the brand promotion strategy is always the best idea to retain visitor engagement. Hence, the engagement zones of this exhibition stall are aimed at conducting product demonstration, services’ briefing, representatives of the company interacting with the audience and imparting know-how or newly launched services.

#3 Open Layout

Mobility of the visitors is uninterrupted while entering and moving out of the exhibition booth. Thus, the 2 side open exhibition stall design attracts the visitors as they can enter & exit from either of the two sides of the stall.

#4 Traffic Retention

When the free-flow movement and congestion-free structure of exhibition stall fabrication are emphasized on, it becomes easier to retain the visitor traffic. Moreover, it is the consistent traffic and stable engagement rate that adds value to BTL activities of the business.

#5 Outstanding yet relevant branding elements

Primarily, showcasing the brand story in the positive way through the branding elements is an aspect that should be executed with utmost accuracy. Whether it is the series of signage or the other business promotion elements, the exhibition stall design should summarize the essence of the brand visually, factually and through structural credibility. It also implies that business portrayal are strategically managed in the entrance and exit of the two-sided exhibition stall.

#6 Visually appealing design

It is essential to use attractive and interactive design elements, but, their relevance & utility need to be focused on too. In the case of 2-side exhibition stall designing strategy, appealing colours, interactive graphics, and other visual elements that resonate with the brand story are effectively used by the professional stall designers.

Make the implementation of two-side exhibition stall designing easier, realistic and cost-effective

The objective of using 2 side exhibition stall design strategy is to maximize the visibility of the brand, improve the accessibility and increase the engagement prospects by focusing on the interactive design & robust exhibition stall fabrication. But, yielding the most out of the business promotion opportunities optimally can become easier and better for exhibitors by hiring the seasoned 2 side exhibition stall design experts who collaborate with the stall manufacturing specialists to visualize the structural and appearance-wise aspects to be effectively used in the final outcome.

In short, the two access options of exhibition stall (entry & exit), height of the exhibition booth, the strategic approach to showcase brand story, budget-friendly personalized approach of exhibition stall designing and the result-driven design & fabrication goals are planned by the experienced exhibition stall designers & construction professionals. On the flipside, if all these aspects are singlehandedly managed by the exhibitors with lesser or no technical experience of exhibition stall design & fabrication can be time-consuming and incur high expenses on aligning the designing elements from the scratch.

Therefore, partnering with the top exhibition stall designing & construction company will be the practical decision to discuss the brand visibility, marketing goals, layout and the other objectives to be showcased through the two-sided exhibition stall. Probably, the best part is that the portfolio of the company can be helpful in visualizing the options of displaying products and services within the accessibly designed exhibition stall. Apart from the previous track record and the ideas from the portfolio, the customized approach of the exhibition stand designers & fabricators will ensure the accurate blue-print of the two-sided exhibition stall design matches your brand story & marketing promotion goals.

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