3 Ways A Small Exhibition Stand Design Can Also Make A BIG IMPACT

If you still believe that you need a massive booth presence to make an impact in the exhibition, you may end up missing opportunities in business and brand building. Small stalls can also help you create an impact, enhance brand identity, and win back business.

Exhibitions are back, and so are the opportunities to go out, exhibit, and bring back contacts and business. Indeed 2020 was tough for businesses and events, but with unlock procedures in place the exhibitions are slated to be back on track. Now for you, as a business seems to gain momentum again, you will have to come out and be present where the business is happening (Hint: Exhibitions are the place to be).

Out of many things that can stop potential exhibitors from participating in an exhibition is their belief that you need to have a massive presence to make a big impact. Which is not always true.

Woody Allen has famously said, “90% of Success is Showing Up!”

Busting the myth, Mr M Razi Shakir (CEO, Panache Exhibitions), a veteran in the exhibition design industry shares, “A smartly designed and intricately detailed booth, irrespective of its size can help a business create a business impact & enhance branding”.

Here are 3 things that you need to share and work on with your exhibition service provider to create an impact even with a smaller booth.

The booth design should incorporate the brand image of the client.

This includes size and placement of logos, tagline and incorporating colour schema in tune with the brand. Incorporating these intricate details can help your booth promote brand identity, and also set the ground for an easier brand recall later on. Working closely with an experienced partner having in-house design capabilities can save you time and effort in creating the brand-oriented booth design. For instance, if the logo has tones of blue, the stand design should also be crafted around the same tones of blue.


The Booth should be welcoming with a clear entry point and opportunities for human-to-human interaction.

Small booths can also be made welcoming by introducing clear entry point and designing to ensure opportunities for human-to-human interactions. This can be accomplished by having reception areas either on the corners of the booth or utilizing the area around the booth to engage visitors. In addition to the layout design at the design studio level, much of this work happens in the workshop and during the onsite installation. An exhibition service provider with a seamless design studio and workshop coordination can be your best bet to make the entire process less painful.


Your booth should be well-lit and have ample display space for your product/services.

This is where the game is won or lost. Having a poorly lit stall and inadequate display of your products can lead to sweeping looks from your visitors. No matter what the size of your stall is, a well-lit stall can stand out amidst the crowd and represents exhibitor’s enthusiasm. Well displayed products not only attract the visitors but also makes your representatives confident.


Before you decide to not display at an exhibition owing to a constrained budget to have a massive stand, RECONSIDER. Being present at an exhibition even with a small stall yet well-crafted stall will mean that you will have an opportunity to take home some business.

Get in touch with your exhibition partner or contact Panache, a leader in the exhibition design industry, to explore how small stalls can help you create an impact, enhance brand identity, and win back business.

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