4 Advantages Of 3 Sides Open Exhibition Stall Design

It is a prerequisite for every business to build & promote their brand and in order to do so—there are few important ways to increase brand awareness. Exhibition stall design can be your best bet to build your brand equity—as it enables your company to stand out against your competitors. Trade expos, global seminars are excellent trade facilitators of trade & business development & open up a plethora of lead generating opportunities for the respective companies.

Trade shows & exhibitions provide a much-needed platform to the companies to showcase their products & services to a wide range of audience. This Direct Marketing allows the consumers to interact personally with the companies & understand their product offerings from Up, close & personal. That's what a 3 side open exhibition stall design does.

In order to beat the competition & become an eye-catching stall, your exhibition stall design needs to be well organized & shall have all the required ammunition to support your product's value. It’s a competitive world; and making a distinctive statement among your potential buyers in the exhibitions is a stepping stone towards brand building. A 3 side open exhibition stall does just that. By promoting business in an enticing manner, it boosts brand awareness and guarantees business success. Below are all the advantages of installing a 3 side open exhibition stall design.

A larger than life overview of the company

A 3 side open exhibition stall design gives a 3 way overview of your company offerings & makes them attractive & eye-catching. They are also called Peninsula Exhibition Stands. Peninsula exhibition Or 3 sides open exhibition stall design has three points of entry which can be optimized completely for the product displays. A three point entry gives an advantage of building a good story revolving around your brand. The 3 point entry along with a back wall serves as an anchor to your booth display and helps in driving the traffic patterns.

Attracts more crowd

A 3 side open exhibition stall design can be a great crowd puller if the aesthetics of the stalls are done right. A three-way entry means an increased footfall as the audience can enter your stall from multiple points. More footfall means more brand visibility & exposure from the passers-by as it is exposed to the aisles three-dimensionally. You can engage the audience on multiple levels such as interactive games, quizzes & product demonstrations or as simple as showing the journey from inception of the company & the milestones achieved.

Provides the necessary space

The exhibition stall plays an important role in promoting your brand on the day of your event. The more the space it provides, the better the impact and brand promotion. Peninsula exhibition stands do just that. With openings on three sides of the aisle, they can be utilized in a vast and extensive manner. You can control the movement of the audience in your stall by arranging the entry points such as you can design one side as an activity area, utilize the third side for the product demos and so on. A great exhibition stall harbors banner display stands, signboards, logo designs, an excellent product display and is well-lit. A 3 side open exhibition stall design keeps these things in mind and helps in providing that necessary space to incorporate the multiple activities you desire to keep the audience intrigued.

Engineered to perfection, they look quite attractive

Captivating is the first word that comes to the mind of anyone upon witnessing a peninsula exhibition stand in an exhibition. With 3 open and spacious enough sides to display products and services, peninsula exhibition stands are the perfect and eye-catching thing to feature a brand in exhibitions. As there are no walls on the three sides, a large chunk of the floor space can be used to design your stall in a creative way to attract more attention. An open design also represents “Open Policy” of the company & welcoming all. To attract more crowds, space Matters!

Conversing face to face with prospective customers is an important moment. The opportunity should not be missed at any cost. It is important to choose the right exhibition stand to create the maximum impact. Peninsula exhibition stands offer numerous possibilities to showcase your brand and hence should be considered to drive maximum results.

Final Words

While these ways can help attract visitors to your stall, you must never forget two things: one, help your visitor; two, use good copywriting because everything you write or say is your advertising.

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