5 Exhibition Trends that are Going to Stay Post-2020

With ever-increasing COVID-19 infection cases and no vaccine around, business in the exhibition, events, and entertainment industries are impacted beyond any precedence. The new normal will herald trends, which can no longer be ignored.

The exhibition and events industry are going through a tough time. Almost all the events called off, ever-increasing cases of COVID-19 cases, and a public hysteria around going to the events have made recovery slow. One more implication this pandemic has presented the industry is the constrained possibility of having guests, participants, and participation across the borders. Though uncalled for, this pandemic is going to leave some lessons and herald a whole new set of trends in the exhibition industry.

Here are five trends that no exhibition organizer and the participant company can afford to ignore it.

Trend 01: Social Distancing

The days of unruly crowds as a good thing are over. The newly designed pavilions and stalls will have to incorporate crowd management systems such that social distancing is maintained. While this will be a challenge for the exhibition industry, it has always counted footfalls as a measure of success for a long time. Following Social distancing in exhibitions will also mean that the invites are only sent to the most relevant potential attendees, online ticketing, security check procedures, in-exhibition dining, transportation, and other entry-exit modalities are worked well in advance future exhibitions. This change could also herald a trend of exhibitors going to attendees and not the other way round. However, this may take some time to take shape, but it doesn’t seem to be something completely off the radar now.

Trend 02: Sanitization

Free corporate mugs and pens are completely clichéd and can aggravate passersby instead of enticing them! So, what is the solution? Well, you can give them something ‘quirkier’ and put your company’s logo and catchy ‘punch-line’ on it. Corporate balloons, headphones, sunglasses, laptop skins, and even Rubik’s cubes, endless options are there and so as the chances of standing out!

Trend 03: Self-Care

Always remember, buzz means ‘CONVERSATION’. You must provide your customers with opportunities for conversation but keep everything positive. Many people believe that positive marketing messages can become dull. So, you must step up and provide your visitors with something humorous that they can pass along and you attain your exhibition goals.

Trend 04: Virtual Exhibitions:

Do a lot and lots of research. Check out the ‘big market players’ and learn from what they are planning to bring to the exhibition or trade show – not only the staff and objects but visually! Do they have plans for contests? Or collection boxes to get immediate feedback from their visitors? These are some of the most common but important things that you should look at so that you can pl

Trend 05: Experiential Marketing

Whether creating stalls that go to the customer or engaging them with demonstrations, experiential or engagement marketing is going to stay. Not every company needs to ride on all five trends. Starting on at least the first three can give the organizers and participants a chance to conduct safer, engaged, and smarter exhibitions.

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