Know How to Shield Your Office from COVID 19?

After few months of the spread of COVID 19 in India, we have adapted to various safety measures. But, as the work culture is bouncing back gradually, safeguarding workplaces should be the prime focus. The COVID secure business premises need to be maintained initially. From public transport operators, construction, education and restaurants to other outdoor workplaces can attain their business objectives smoothly if safety measures are implemented.

Government has laid some of the common practical measures to be added to routine life of every corporate space. This in turn will lock out the infection of coronavirus. Here are few highlights of steps aimed at offering safety to everyone at workplace:

Basic steps of safety at workplace amidst pandemic

  1. COVID-19 risk assessment practices
  2. Facilitate employees for smooth work-from-home atmosphere
  3. Following social distancing rules
  4. Implementation of proper hygiene and cleanliness
  5. Additional measures in lieu of social distancing

Practices To Make Workplace Safe During COVID 19

  1. COVID-19 risk assessment practices
  2. COVID risk assessment practices can either be carried out internally by offices or look up for professional assistance for the same. This step is intended at evaluation of possibilities of infection, its source and controlling the risk. Situations or activities which can lead to the transmission of coronavirus are analysed to combat them. With this initial step, organizations can come up with the necessary plan to protect the entire team.

  3. Facilitate employees for smooth work-from-home atmosphere
  4. Work-from-home provisions vary on the basis of policies of every business. Nevertheless, considering the concept of social distancing, this provision of enabling employees to work from home will be justified. In fact, even if 20-25% people are facilitated for smooth work-from home culture, it can be ideal in maintaining social distance.

  5. Following social distancing rules
  6. Being creative and achieving the aim of social distancing complement each other precisely. For instance, clear signage, posters of 2 metres social distance and demarcation of the space at work place can be adopted by various organizations. The message should be clear so that social distancing and other guidelines are not only imparted to employees, but also, visitors.

  7. Implementation of proper hygiene and cleanliness
  8. Areas of washing hands and provision of sanitizers at various places will encourage people to follow decorum of cleanliness. Apart from this, it will prompt even visitors to sanitize or wash their hands. From being a gentle reminder to reduction of spread of infection, this is an effective measure to be implemented in every organization.

  9. Additional measures in lieu of social distancing
  10. There are many cases where social distancing processes may not be viable followed due to some or the other reasons. However, it cannot be side-lined due to its vital role in controlling the spread of infection. Therefore, using the social distancing screens can be the perfect idea to consider. These screens are customized according to the dimensions of work station in lieu of manual social distancing of 2 metres.

Make Workplace Safer with Bespoke Social Distancing Screens

A wide range of bespoke social distancing screens are available in the market to protect business premises. Every work station and various areas in the office are uniquely designed. Thus, in order to suffice requirements of workplace, the social distancing screens are customized. Simple and complex screens to maintain safety of people within the organization can be chosen. Depending on the utility, functioning and cost-effectiveness, social distancing screens can be reviewed prior to their purchase. Not sure how to examine the significance of screens for social distancing? Contact Panache Exhibitions, the renowned service provider which revamps workplace with bespoke social distancing screens.

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