The Exhibition Checklist – Post Covid

Exhibitions and Events will never be the same post COVID-19. The organizers and the participants will have to accept the new normal and adapt to the new way of doing things. Based on our decade long experience in the exhibition industry, Panache Exhibitions Pvt Ltd, a pioneer in exhibition industry presents a definitive and well though checklist for doing exhibitions the new and safe way.

Using the Checklist:

Mark the score against the item in the checklist for items that are assured before the exhibition. Higher score means more readiness (minimum 20). If you have not marked on the items in bold, a higher score can also represent risk.

Serial No. Check Point Score Weight Your Score
1 Permission by local government authorities. 2
2 Team of Medics and testing booths. 1
3 Mandatory use of masks in the premises. 2
4 Hand Sanitization booths or kiosks. 1
5 Temperature check for all the participants. 2
6 Contactless ticketing. 2
7 Keeping a record of participants for contact tracing if at all required. 2
8 Social distancing norms followed. 2
9 Controlled entry and exit for participants. 2
10 Restricted entry for the members of vulnerable groups. 2
11 Covid Prevention information displayed at strategic points. 2
12 Restricted use of mass transport in the premises (read buses to transport participants to and from the venue). 1
13 Sanitization of surfaces in or around the booth. 1
14 Restriction on common dining areas and other utilities. 2
15 Adherence to rules with respect to use of Air Conditioning. 1
16 Restriction on exchange of promotional and demo materials. 1
Total Score 25

Knowledge @ Panache is brought to you by Panache Exhibitions Pvt Ltd.

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