The exhibition industry is growing and exhibition stall designers in India are bringing on innovative design ideas. In the previous year, the industry showed really positive results and it is anticipated that it is going to boom in the upcoming year.

Every sector is welcoming and adopting the new trends that are coming in the exhibition industry. They are transforming the way of presentation in trade shows to stand out from the competitors. Moreover, they are giving due importance to the latest technology trends to serve the dynamic needs of customers.

The exhibition industry in 2020 is anticipated to break all the communication and information barriers in the most spectacular way. It is predicted to reach the target audience and bring conversions that are going to help the companies in realising their business goals.

  • Incorporating Technology Mix
  • Technology is capturing a huge chunk in every sector and segment. It is taking over the basic processing and operational tasks at the trade shows. From a trade show perspective, exhibition stall designers in India are making networking opportunities simpler and hosting a list of important business activities. This includes offering personalized customer experiences, greeting them with AI, using AI-based apps and analyzing the flow of footfall.

    Latest technology trends such as Artificial Intelligence, Virtual reality and Machine Learning are giving more power to the audience to interact with the brand and stay connected with it. Such interactive technology mix is impressive in providing digital experiences to customers. This year it is forecasted to grow immensely that is going to differentiate the brand in customer experiences and transform the exhibition industry.

  • Customer-Centric Design
  • In trade shows, it is considered that the first impression is everything to make an influential impact. In the current exhibition industry, it is not about using flashy designs to attract customers. Rather, it has to be impactful to attract customers’ emotions and imagination.

    In the upcoming year, the exhibition stall designers in India are more inclined towards designing a booth that is more unique, pleasing and possesses human touch. Potentially when customers feel connected with the brand, they tend to benefit the business for a longer duration.

  • Cutting Edge Lighting
  • Lighting has always been in trend in the ever-demanding exhibition industry.  There was a time when single and ordinary screens and lights were used to direct customers’ attention. However, the present exhibition stall designers in India are no longer restricted to such lighting techniques. Nowadays, they make smart use of the entire stall space and use targeted light to bring customers’ attention.

    The upcoming year is anticipated to witness unique lighting elements that are powerful to enhance the overall stall or booth’s outlook. Use of 3D video and creative lighting are going to be the two most powerful tools of the exhibition industry in upcoming years.

    Undoubtedly, the exhibition industry is advancing. It is set to perceive heart-warming adoption of new and innovative trends that the exhibition stall designers in India are set to introduce. It is going to result in experiential marketing to ensure clear communication of business and marketing objective.

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