4 Exhibition And Trade Show Display Technologies Every Exhibitor Must Know!

In the era of social networking, human to human interaction has assumed new-found importance. The human need for 'touch & feel' and meeting prospective partners has made meetings, exhibitions, and tradeshows must-go events for B2B dealings businesses. This is why most of the expositions have seen a steep rise in the number of exhibitors and visitors.

For business planning to participate in an exhibition, there are three critical decisions to make. First, which exhibition to participate in; Second, the exhibition services company to collaborate with; Third, the kind of display booth they would like to go for.

Knowing about what all design options are available is an excellent place to start. Making an educated decision will help you generate a good return on your investment and user experience. Panache, a market leader in the exhibition services industry, has mastered the process of booth fabrication to ensure optimal visibility, aesthetic delight and space utilization to ensure that your booth stands out and attracts footfall.

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With an inhouse design, fabrication, and installation competence, we bring you the various display technologies/design options available for exhibitors considering participating in exhibitions and deciding upon the exhibitions stands.

Number 1: Custom stands:

Custom stands are based on 'joinery or assembling work'. Though the custom stands offer wide options for style, shape, colour, and aesthetics of the stand, these stands may feature a variety of building materials – wood, metal, acrylic, and fibre etc. Custom stands require a specialized team and equipment's to assemble and dismantle (unlike modular stands), and custom stands cannot be re-used once dismantled. Because they loose finesse once dismantled, these are to be thrown away at the end of the show, most of the times. The 'Custom Stand' display technology is most apt for occasional exhibitors or the exhibitors with huge budgets who bear the cost of repurchasing the stands frequently.

Number 2: Shell scheme upgrades:

The exhibition organizers usually offer shell Scheme packages for the occasional exhibitors. Shell scheme exhibition stands are generally available on a rental basis and are not suitable for ongoing exhibitors. The shell scheme consists of vertical pillars and horizontal beams, made up of aluminium or composite material. The pillars and beams "capture" infill panels to create walls. Open sides are defined with facia boards/name boards, and an added structure can be added to extend the display area or for branding. The Shell Scheme stalls don't need any nailing, screwing, painting, glueing, bolting and velcroing's to the frame itself. These stands are suitable for rare exhibitors, may offer limited space, design, and functional utility to frequent exhibitors.

Number 3: Modular Exhibition stands:

Modular Exhibition stands can be assembled and dismantled multiple times, and this makes them a preferred and a suitable solution for exhibitors participating in numerous exhibitions per year. Modular exhibition stands are available on a purchase basis or a rental basis, making it suitable for the exhibitor to exhibit regularly.

Suppose you are a frequent exhibitor attending numerous shows at various spaces and configurations. In that case, the modular stand display technology can offer benefits like Adaptability, low operational cost, brand consistency, and visual delight.

A modular stand can ensure that you have scores of display and design options, without the cost and wastage of a custom stand. A modular stand also ensures that you can enjoy consistent branding and message being communicated to your visitors, with an option to make design tweaks on your own.

Number 4: Hybrid Exhibition stands:

Hybrid exhibition stands take best components from custom and modular design technologies. These stands provide the convenience, aesthetics and functionality of modular and design best practices of custom stands.

In case you want to know more about the design solutions or planning to participate in an upcoming exhibition, visit us at Panache or Give us a call to get started!

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