Top 5 Different Styles of Trade Show Display Stands

Trade show display stands are one of the most powerful tools of business marketing. They offer immense opportunities to catch multiple eyeballs at an exhibition. Having a creative trade show display stand which is inspired by innovation is considered as a powerful source of visual presentation. It fulfils the branding and marketing goals of a company and helps in growing their business.

The significance of a trade show display stand depends upon various factors. This includes functionality, portability and setup process that also influences the style of the booth. Combining these factors and the right choice of style, result in creating an everlasting impact on the customers’ mind.

There are several types of trade show display stands and each of them possesses its own relevance. Let’s understand them in detail:

  1. Pop up displays

    Pop up display stands are the most basic type of trade show display stand. Primarily, they are used as backdrops and display the brand message and product details. Because of their simple design, they have a solid wall-like structure that can be customised, whenever required. Most of the exhibitors, who look for simple booth design, opt for pop displays and offer immense possibilities for branding. Enticing graphics are added to make it more impactful and attract visitors.
    Moreover, pop up displays are easy to set up and portable that is beneficial for the exhibitor in saving the additional cost of transportation and installation. They can be installed without the help of logistics and can be stored easily for years.

  2. Prefabricated modular display

    As the term suggests, prefabricated modular displays are pre-built by using standardised building blocks. They are made with a variety of materials and textures that can be customised as per the exhibitors’ requirement. Unlike pop up display, the prefabricated modular display has a modern appeal of aluminium extrusions.
    The prefabricated modular display has a base kit that can be tailored to meet the exhibitor’s requirements. It is considered beneficial for the first time exhibitors as it streamlines the entire exhibition process. Depending upon the size and the requirement, these display stands can be made in different sizes and accessorised with monitor mounts, shelves, lights, counters, etc. The versatility of this particular style of trade show display stand fulfils multiple needs of the exhibitor.

  3. Custom modular display

    The custom modular display has the base elements similar to prefabricated modular display. It includes aluminium extrusions and accessories that are specific to the exhibitor’s requirements. They range from simple designs to complex ones, depending upon the branding requirements and the impact that exhibitor want to make on their customers’ mind.
    There are many fabricators and exhibition stall designers who combine custom modular with prefabricated modular to bring out better visual results. The versatility of both the trade show display stands makes it noticeable for the visitors even in the crowd
    The custom modular is comparatively costlier than pop up and prefabricated modular display. However, depending upon the dimensions and complexity of the design, the cost can be managed.

  4. Custom trade show display

    Custom trade show displays are tailor-made as per the specification of the exhibitor. They are designed strategically keeping in mind the branding and marketing objectives of the company. Apart from this, the target audience, budget and significance of the booth also matters when it comes to designing a custom trade show display.
    The custom trade show display is always exclusive and unique. Unlike other trade show displays, there are infinite possibilities of innovation and creativity as they made specifically for a particular exhibitor. Additionally, it offers great opportunity to make the booth stand out from the rest and attract more customers.
    Custom trade displays are comparatively costlier and also require a professional team to set it up. Moreover, there are additional costs involved that go into shipping and transportation of the booth.

  5. Rental exhibit stands

    Rental exhibit stand is not owned by the exhibitor. They involve third party cost of renting the hardware components without having to purchase, store or maintain the stand. The biggest benefit of renting an exhibition stand is that it offers the features of custom trade show display stand at a much affordable cost. Thus, it allows you to try out a new design every time you participate in a different trade show.
    Moreover, rental exhibit stand gives an option of trying different and unique features. You can try your own configurations before purchasing the stand. Additionally, they are convenient in transportation as it can be rented out from a local partner in the city.

Before you purchase a trade show display stand for your exhibition, it is always mandatory to understand the style that can bring exposure to your brand. Many trade show display stands are now equipped with advanced technology solutions to catch the attention of the visitors. Thus, considering every possible factor and your requirements can help in choosing the best option for your exhibition.

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