Top 5 Social Media Strategies to Increase Footfall at Your Trade Show

Even if you are slightly up-to-date with the latest yet effective trends in marketing, you must keep in mind that social media channels are one of the most preferred yet result-oriented marketing platforms of the ‘new age’ marketers. Are you thinking why it is so? Then you should know that everyone, literally everyone, regardless of age, gender, location, etc. is using at least one social media channel. This is one of the reasons why more and more businesses are now engaging in ‘belligerent’ social media marketing.

Why Social Media Marketing?

The answer to this question is quite simple. Social media marketing is a method that yields remarkable results. These platforms help you spread brand awareness, provide you with a stage to share your business message to an extensive set of people, and bring in organic or genuine followers. With countless perks of using these platforms, it is almost reckless for businesses not to integrate social media marketing in their exhibition or trade show plans.

How to Use Social Media to Enhance Footfall at the Event?

Are you puzzled and clueless about the ways to leverage social media channels to maximize footfall at an upcoming event or exhibition? Do not fret! Today, in this post, we bring you the most powerful and effective strategies that you can choose to increase footfall. Therefore, we have divided these strategies into two categories – pre-show strategies and on-show strategies so that you can understand better. So, let us get started!

Pre-Show Strategies

  1. A Dedicated Page or Account for the Show/ Event
  2. The best thing about social media is that you can create a dedicated page or account on every platform. This is already practiced by many leading show organizers and exhibitors. Assuming that you have a social media account representing your brand, you will surely do not want to cramp it with countless promotional posts about the upcoming event or show. But YES, you can announce or inform people about the next show on your official page, it is always a smart bid to redirect the crowd to your dedicated exhibition page.

    On this page, you can post incessantly about the next event, your stand, booth design, products you will be showcasing, and other announcements. Having a dedicated account or page will provide you with an idea about many people are there who are genuinely interested in visiting you during the show. For this, you can also measure the reach of the page as well as individual posts to work on new ideas and engage the maximum audience.

  3. Announce Your ‘Star’ Attraction
  4. It is a fact that hundreds and thousands of brands participate in exhibitions and trade shows every year. So, what different you are planning to do? How will you stand out from the crowd? These are a few questions that social media experts may throw at you! So, anticipate these crucial questions and plan for your event accordingly. And for this, you should not shell out extra bucks. Instead, you need to be extra smart.

    If you are planning to invite a celebrity or industry professional as a guest, just announce it on the social media page. What products/services/features do you plan to introduce, just announce it! See! You should only give your targeted audience something useful to look forward to. This smart trick will help you enjoy the packed exhibition booth on the event day.

  5. Announce Freebies, Prizes, and Gifts
  6. Everyone loves and interested in gifts and prizes. So, why not make the most out of it! Just sit with your team and plan to conduct sweepstakes and contests at your exhibition booth. But no one and enjoy unless you post something about it on your social media pages. Prepare content and images about the games or contest you will be going to conduct at your display stall. You can either mention the prizes or you can keep it a surprise for your visitors – that is your choice. Excited visitors will surely come to your exhibition booth. Once you tell people what it is that you want to offer, you can rest assured that incredible footfall will be there at your stand.

On-Show Strategies

  1. Get Organic Reviews
  2. By making the best use of pre-show strategies, you can increase footfall but how will you assess your success? Well! For this, you can ask your visitors to write a short review. You can even give freebies to those who are willing to share and write their experience about your brand and products on social media. This simple trick will provide you with more organic reviews and coverage because it is almost ‘free-of-cost’ marketing. It is an easy way to create a buzz around the event, resulting in better footfall.

  3. Conduct Surveys and Polls
  4. After Twitter polls, Instagram surveys are now gaining more popularity. During the event, you can conduct surveys and polls on your social media pages. This will not only create a buzz but curiosity about your brand. Hence, you can be certain that this activity will encourage more and more people to visit your stand once.

Closing Remarks

Along with these simple social media tricks, you will need an impressively designed exhibition booth for your business. And for this, you can count on the Panache Exhibitions. Get in touch with us and our experts will help you mark your presence in the upcoming events with a creative exhibition booth.

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